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Spoken word is similiar to storytelling and poetry readings aren't just for coffeehouses. Spoken word artists bring an eccentric twist to your entertainment lineup. Spoken word artist can do readings of novels, short stories or even present comedy monologues.  A spoken word artist will hold your guests’ attention. Spoken word poetry makes for enlightening entertainment for sophisticated occasions such as wine tastings, weddings, art gallery openings, and more. Add a little flavor to your next event. 

"Who ever said the skys the limit has never been to the moon"


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VSe Bete ou ye.(You are a Beast)
Marie Michaelle
Copyright July 2010

They beat me and they beat me and they beat me
Cause they say I am animal I am animal I am not human.
Se bet ou ye!

They say my dark skin reminds them of the  ugliness and the color that sealed them to this fate. So it becomes me that they hate.
They told me I’d never amount and would never count
They gave me no access took away my passes.

They beat me and they beat and they beat me
Cause they say I am animal I am animal I am minimal 
Se bet ou ye!

They say the nap in my hair reminds them of the knots from the ropes and the links from the chains. That my accent reminds them of  the pain. They say my songs are the chants they had to recite Late in the night when the rest of the world couldn’t hear. My voodoo sound is what they fear.  My walk makes them think that death is near.

They beat me and they beat me and they beat me.
They say I am animal I am animal I shouldn’t exist

Haiti shouldn’t exist
Is a burden
A sore in the universes side
The secret of our nation we hide.

Our country shoulda been demolished at 7.0
Shoulda disappeared when they wouldn’t let the exports go
Shoulda cease to exist during Papa Docs reign
Should died a long time ago due to slave labor pains

No matter how many times they beat
Ayiti paka accepte defeat.
Matter not if help comes 
Ayiti touju ap produce belle fum.
Yo met eseye craze nu
Me nu pap morie
Haiti will never die
As we stand one nation under one I(eye